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vendor/ml/json-ld/Node.php 1
vendor/ml/json-ld/NQuads.php 1
vendor/ml/json-ld/Processor.php 19
vendor/ml/json-ld/TypedValue.php 2


Type Line Description
TODO 224 Handle lists!


Type Line Description
TODO 170 Make sure that quads are unique??


Type Line Description
TODO 37 Introduce @null supported just for framing
TODO 43 Is this really needed?
TODO 44 How should this be called?
TODO 45 Add @preserve, @null?? Update spec keyword list
TODO 269 Could this be avoided by enforcing rdf:type instead of @type?
TODO 287 Handle lists
TODO 409 Make sure key is a valid language tag
TODO 699 Optimize the following code, there's a lot of repetition, only the $activeprty param is changing
TODO 1292 Ignore order for sets?
TODO 1674 Should we throw an exception if there are other properties?
TODO 1762 Use the context's IRI as base IRI when processing remote contexts (ISSUE-24)
TODO 2343 Making $usages->{$objectStr} a set would make this code simpler
TODO 2492 Change this as soon as the tests haven been updated
TODO 2504 Check which base IRI to use
TODO 2525 Move this to a separate function as basically the same is done in flatten()?
TODO 2560 How should lists be handled? Is the @list required in the frame (current behavior) or not?
TODO 2562 Add support for '@omitDefault'?
TODO 2585 What effect should @explicit have with a wildcard match?
TODO 2807 Perform deep object copy??


Type Line Description
TODO 111 Need to handle +/-INF and NaN as well?
TODO 117 Need to preserve doubles without fraction for round-tripping??

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